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better self-esteem with Vigrx

Is your self esteem taking a dig because you don’t have a bigger penis? Know how Vigrx plus can help you.

Do you have low self opinion of yourself and your sexual capability? If so, does this lead to increased anxiety and stress on your mind?

It is no hidden fact that well-endowed men are associated with superiority, masculinity, prowess, power and sexuality. Unfortunately, the bitter truth is that if you have a small penis you tend to suffer from inferiority complex and lose confidence in front of the opposite sex.

A lot of men measure their masculinity based on their ability to perform in bed. With a small penis, it’s a natural feeling that you’re just not giving your woman what she wants and desires. No matter what your woman tells you, the thinking that your small penis is ruining your sex life is a hard confidence-killer.

This thinking affects even your social and professional life giving way only to frustration, dissatisfaction and a constant feel of sexual inadequacy. Fear of sexual failure induces performance anxiety and as a result you fall prey to erectile dysfunction. It is then that you start avoiding women or are rejected by your female partners.

The feeling of having a small penis destroys your self-esteem to an extent that it starts interfering in your life at work. It affects your leadership qualities and your determination to move ahead in professional life.

NO MORE!! With the help of VigRX plus, a clinically tested male enhancement pill you can definitely look forward to change your life forever. Use it for 84 days and get:

  • a) Bigger looking Erections which feel bigger too.
  • b) Long Lasting and harder Erections.
  • c) Increased Sexual Desire
  • d) More control over your erections
  • e) Enjoyable and satisfying Sex!

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“Size Does Matter”: Women like men with bigger penis!

This is a reality you must know….

Women find themselves drawn to men having bigger penis. Yes, it is true and clinical studies have proven it.

A study published in the journal “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)” has concluded that women are attracted to men who are endowed with big-sized penis. Brian Mautz, the leading author of the study, reveals that penis sizes influence the attractiveness quotient of men. According to him, with the increase in penis size, the score of attractiveness becomes bigger.

Women love men with bigger penis. This is because the sight of a huge penis sexually arouses her. On the contrary, when a woman finds that her man has a smaller penis, she suffers from sexual frustration. She may hide her inner frustration to avoid causing embarrassment to her lover but eventually their relationship is ruined.

Women find erect bigger penis sexier than small-sized ones. With a big-sized penis, a woman has more chances of experiencing multiple, powerful and long-lasting orgasms.

For women, it is more comfortable to have sex with men who are endowed with bigger penis. A man with a big penis can try all types of positions during intercourse besides, after penetration, such men can easily access the virginal area and cause intense orgasm.

VigRx vs. Viagra

VigRX Plus is a male enhancement pill that helps men improve erection quality and boost overall sexual performance. VigRX Plus helps men achieve long-lasting erections, increases sexual desire and helps prevent premature ejaculation.

Unlike VigRX Plus, Viagra is only used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. Viagra doesn`t enhance sexual desire or help men gain control over ejaculation. Apart from treating erectile dysfunction, Viagra has no other benefit.

How VigRx Works?

VigRX Plus contains a mixture of powerful libido boosters, aphrodisiacs and natural erection precursors that help in relaxing the muscle tissues of the two long-sized, cylinder-shaped tubes of the penis known as corpus cavernosa. At the same time, the VigRX Plus ingredients yield effects to relax the connected arterioles. This improves blood flow to the penile area and results in fuller, thicker and prolonged erections

The chief ingredients of VigRX Plus rapidly develop in the body to boost sexual performance. The sexual desire enhancers and testosterone boosters, incorporated in the VigRX Plus formula lead to a significant increase in sexual desire and improvement in overall sexual health.

How much time it takes for Vigrx to become effective?

VigRX Plus will take a minimum period of 30-60 days to deliver results. At times, it may even take 60 to 90 days. After taking VigRX Plus and experiencing its benefits, its intake should be continued to maintain the benefits.


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