Why men cannot have an orgasm or ejaculate

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It seems that nowadays men are so busy trying to make their women reach orgasm that when they can’t reach orgasm themselves; they treat the matter dismissively and assume that something is wrong with them physically. Then you have to put some serious thought into your orgasms and put hers on the backburner for once. In some case women complain that no matter what they do, whether they’re making love to their men or even flatling them, it seems that their guys just won’t orgasm and ejaculate. Now it is important to figure out what’s causing it to fix any problem.

To start with, it is very important to remember that to orgasm and to ejaculate are not the same things. The fact is, you can have an orgasm without ejaculating and vice versa. But often guys assume they’re the same thing as this kind of matter usually occurs simultaneously. Now considering of this dilemma sometimes guys get so excited about having a willing woman, but when it comes time to perform, their little buddy shies away from the bush. Among few reasons this is the one why this could be occurring. In this condition men feel pressure to perform that can become somewhat anticlimactic as you’re both expecting heaven and Earth to move, all that ends up happening is foreplay and cuddling and maybe some weeping.

Moreover on some occasion your partner is willing while you are not and hooking up with a woman after three months of a dry spell might cause you to lower your standards. In addition if you masturbate frequently, that’s the another thing. But stroking your penis at 100mph speeds you will have chance to get a hard time reaching orgasm with a woman. In other words if your penis is accustomed to hard and fast pumping, there is no way a woman can reach those speeds unless she strokes you like a maniac. The common scare you often may get is that, of you’re not using protection and there’s a chance she might get pregnant, it’s likely that this will end up weighing heavily on your mind. Through this anxiety feeling you may think that fluids are escaping from your penis and venturing inside her body in search of the egg. As a result of, you will feel guilty or bad for having sex with someone that you shouldn’t be having sex with, or even due to religious beliefs, reaching orgasm could be damn near impossible.

What are the sexual side effect of hydrocodone

Hydrocodone is that kind of drug that relieves pain and also relieves cough. Basically its purpose to take orally, and is commonly available in the form of tablets, capsules and syrup. Most of the times, it is used as pain killers and it is often prescribed with a comparatively less potent pain reliever, called acetaminophen, as it increases the effect of hydrocodone. However it is stringent regulations that without the prescription of a registered medical practitioner it should not be taken. The reason is, hydrocodone is habit-forming, and its overdose can lead to various serious medical conditions.

Significantly Hydrocodone may give you a feeling of calmness and delight, but may develop severe addiction for it which can also bring serious harm to your body. In addition it may cause for suffering from headache, dry mouth, anxiousness, dizziness and drowsiness. Most importantly these all side-effects of hydrocodone may be followed by mild to severe nausea, loose motions or emesis. Now if you consume this hydrocodone for long term it also may result in constipation, blurred vision and ringing in the ears. Most concern thing is about sexual effect. This is because; taking hydrocodone you generally go through a stage of general physical weakness, or fatigue. As consequence, this condition may lead to a decrease in sex drive. Furthermore, this severe hydrocodone side effect may involve breathing difficulties, bradycardia and convulsions. You may also experience some symptoms like tightness in chest, stomach cramps and excessive sweating. Some other side effects such as light headedness, sudden mood swing, unusual behavior and fainting can happen. Over consuming this drug may cause stomachache, loss of appetite, itching on arms and legs, and yellowing of the skin or eyes, or jaundice. Swelling of your lips, tongue, hives or face may cause occurrence of bruises, cold and clammy skin is other side effects of this drug.

In case of treatment you should inform your doctor about it, since; hydrocodone directly affects your thinking and response and especially never ever give it to someone who has not been prescribed for it by a doctor. If you experience any sexual side effects for this drug, consult a doctor as soon as possible to avoid any further complications.

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Is it possible to have an allergy to KY jelly

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Basically KY Jelly is a sort of lubricant and aims on selling jellies and as it is not so troublesome so if you eat them nothing bad will happen. Presumably you can eat them to full your stomach and through this way you won’t be hungry. This is true that with starving you cannot do any work or study and you will feel panic. In this particular case KY jelly is always there to help you with full enthusiasm. Now you can see for its lubricating characteristics it is named as jelly.

The main thing about this jelly is that it is substances that moisten and soften your skin. KY jelly is used to treat or prevent dry skin and in some cases it contains in products that also treat acne, chapped lips, diaper rash, cold sores, or other minor skin irritation. There are few brands and forms of KY jelly are available and not all are listed on this leaflet. In addition it can be also used for purposes not listed in this medication guide. However, you should not use KY jelly if you are allergic to it because there is a slight chance to have an allergy. The point is to remember that it will not treat or prevent a skin infection. Thus it will be better to ask a doctor or pharmacist before using this medication if you have deep wounds or open sores, swelling, warmth, redness, oozing, bleeding, large areas of skin irritation, or any type of allergy. Always use it as your doctor prescribes it; never use in larger or smaller amounts or for longer than recommended. And, read the directions on the product level as well as don’t forget to clean your skin where you will apply the jelly.

Most importantly do not use this product over large area of skin or to a deep puncture wound or severe burn without medical consultation. It is because, if you apply too much jelly then your skin may appears white or gray and feels soggy. Besides, some kind of KY jelly can be flammable and should not be used near high heat or open flame or applied while you are smoking. Whatever, never worry about all these side effects since after giving some try you will be able to use it properly.

In all, KY jelly is an amazing product so make sure to use it in proper way and you will feel good.

Does cialis give you an erection

Basically erectile dysfunction is called male impotence and is often described by problems with achieving and keeping up an erection that is not so enough for penetrative sex on a regular basis. Moreover, male impotence can also be used to describe other sexual problems a man can experience such as loss of libido, premature ejaculation and inability to experience orgasm. This is more or less a common men’s health problem all over the world. However, there are different categories of erectile dysfunction ranging from total inability to get an erection in the first place to transient loss of hardness after getting a good solid erection. More or less people get problems which are extremes. Now the causes of erectile dysfunction are numerous such as it can be caused by a wide range of factors including health problems, side effects of medications used, stress, anxiety, relationship problems, psychological issues and others. To get rid of this problem you have to look closer to the actual causes of the problem.  In some cases taking cialis can be effective if erectile dysfunction is caused by psychological factors such as stress, anxiety, depression, mental illness, relationship problems or any other then a doctor is likely to prescribe corresponding psychotherapy methods.  However this Cialis is number 2 impotence drug in the international market and significantly it can make you feel like a normal man with no erectile problems.

After 5 years introducing of Viagra, Cialis came into the market and in initial stage it immediately set a benchmark for excellence and innovation as far as dosing is concerned. The main difference is Viagra can make your erections last up to 4 hours at the most and as consequently you become arouse and willing to have sex. In comparison Cialis can give you up to 36 hours to make love. So, presumably unlike any other impotence drug, Cialis daily can effectively make sex spontaneous for you. There are so much availability of ED drugs and in case of Viagra you have 4 hours to complete sexual activities if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction and are prescribed Viagra by your doctor. Whereas, every time by taking Cialis you can get spontaneous erections and through that way your sex life is going to happen once again.



Do condoms increase the frequency of bladder and yeast infections

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Basically Bladder infection occurs in women, but in rare cases in can also affect men. This type of infections is usually minor and easily treated; however, frequent infections can be more serious. They may lead to kidney infections and kidney damage and in men; regular infections usually indicate a more serious issue such as an obstruction.

You can treat these infections with a round of antibiotics, but in case of regular bladder infections may need a serious treatment. The symptoms of this infection include the frequent need to urinate and burning or pain during urination. You may also feel pain in the lower back or above the pubic bone, urine with an unusual odor, loss of urine unexpectedly and cloudy urine or urine with blood in it. Fundamentally in men bladder infections are often caused by an obstruction or a bacterial infection of the prostate. In addition using diaphragm, condoms or spermicide for birth control also can increase the frequency of bladder infections. Pregnancy is the other cause. Other cause can include an abnormal connection between the bladder and intestines, called a vesicovaginal fistula, and allow fecal matter to pass through. As consequence this will also cause frequent infections in men as well as women. When these occur, it makes difficult to empty the bladder completely. To treat this regular bladder infection will require a stronger method of treatment than typical infections. This involves long-term use of strong antibiotics taken for seven to ten days. This requires a period of weeks to completely kill the bacteria. In addition doctors may also prescribe drugs to control bladder spasms as well as for pain.

Moreover using condoms plays a key role in causing yeast infections. In this case Nonoxynol-9, which is a spermicidal lubricant, can cause yeast infections. So it is recommended that try using condoms which do not contain spermicidal lubricants. It is also important to remember that use an additional lubricant instead.

Condoms have been linked to an increase in yeast infections and here’s why. Nonoxynol-9, which is a spermicidal lubricant, can cause yeast infections, according to Michigan State University. If you believe that there is a chance that condoms are causing your yeast infections, it is recommended that you try using condoms which do not contain spermicidal lubricants. Anyone who decides to go this route should keep in mind that it is important to use an additional lubricant instead. Men or women also may experience an allergic reaction after they expose to condoms. According to the survey common symptoms of condom allergies include itchiness, a skin rash, and eczema.

How to increase sensitivity to enjoy sex

In some cases men are often unknown on how to give a woman oral sex due to the elaborate and complex structure of the vagina. More or less complaints come from women is that their partners fail in this department. So it is better to learn the tricks on how to give a woman oral sex before your girl packs her bag and slams the door in your face. The first and foremost trick is to start the sexual activities in real slow way. In other words, men are greedy creatures by nature, and by the time when a man sees a woman naked, you probably just want to jump on her and pump the night away. But presumably it doesn’t work that way. The reason is that women are complex beings that need emotional stimulation just as much as physical stimulation.

Secondly, the most important trick is develop precision appreciate for her beauty as well as her body. The fact is if you aren’t really genuine in your feelings, she will never ever come close to having an orgasm. It’s in the way a woman always looks for it from a man. In addition never gaze on her private parts since she will feel in your gaze that you are hypnotized by her beauty.

Thirdly, try to imagine her vagina as a dinner where you know, the different courses are served. In this case, at first you will start off with the appetizer, and after that you will move to minor dishes, until you will reach for the main course. So exploit all this activities during sex like having sex with her is some sort of an elaborate dinner. To exemplify, from licking her nipples to her clitoris, learn to relax and enjoy everything and take time to appreciate how delicious every dish is! Additionally, smile at her and look at her straight in the eye from time to time and meanwhile you can ask her some private questions such as where to locate the most sensitive part of the clitoris.

Finally, the most important point is that a long, thick penis is good enough to stimulate a woman’s G-Spot and make a woman climax much more easily than an average or below-average one. The thing is that the bigger the penis, the more will be the friction between the vaginal wall and the penis and consequently in heightened sexual passion.


How can I wake up my libido

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If you are suffering from lack of sexual desires then it is a serious marital issue and one of the major threats to modern life’s marriages. Any man and woman want to cherish his or her conjugal life so they should not play with the inability to perform satisfactorily during sexual intercourse. In this condition they can suffer from weak erection, loss of sexual desire, premature ejaculation, lack of sensation during intercourse, shrinking penis in men etc. In this modern way of life in many cases stress is number one threat to human health to occur sexual dysfunctions, weak erection.

In our life we do too much thinking, too much work and desire severely to achieve so much with little resources at our disposal that leads to conflict in the body system and stress load that reduces our human desire for sex and bring about low libido and sexual energy. Besides, eating habit is also reliable to men’s low libido or sexual energy. There are other curtain likewise alcohol, hard drugs and cigarettes affect human sexual drives terribly. Now as sex is a vital affair of marriage so lack of sexual drive is bad for any man or woman. So let’s find the way how it is possible to wake up male libido naturally. Now there are couples of things to do:

  1. First, do exercise such as doing heavy, compound weight lifting movements like squats, bench presses, shrugs, military presses, and dead lifts will lead your body to release more testosterone naturally. You will see in the gym with guys who perform these lifts in the gym screaming and grunting like animals, and through this way they always seem to be the loudest, most confident guys around. Thus it will help to increase testosterone, and with such confidence you will boost your sex life.
  2. Second, supplementation is one of the main reasons for low rate in libido, zinc and magnesium. In this case you can try a supplement called ZMA, which contains all of these and in addition you can also pick up VigRX Plus to wake up with your libido.
  3. Third, doing penis exercise with your hand just not only give you a bigger penis that is more satisfying to women, but also create more room for improving blood flow. Then you will get excited much more easily and your erections will be firmer, more satisfying, and more frequent.

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How to cure a low libido after a partial hysterectomy

Many people get some problem during sex because of the hysterectomy. There are a lot of people that go through this hard time but if thing is done correctly then there should be no problem. On the contrary, many people are not sure whether it is all right to have sex after hysterectomy. In this situation you have to ask and solve before you do sex after hysterectomy. Basically hysterectomy can be partial or complete and it is a surgical process where the uterus is removed by a gynecologist. In case of partial the hysterectomy removes the uterine body by leaves the cervical stump. Whilst in a complete procedure, the body, fundus, cervix of the uterus. This procedure is usually performed after child birth but can be removed for many other reasons and the important fact is removal of the uterus makes the patients unable to have children.

There is no doubts that any change in a woman’s libido after hysterectomy is entirely psychological. It usually appears in that time when the pressures on women are increased by the changes in the family structure and professional life. The point is women have to cope with domestic and social turmoil that are simultaneously hit by the hormonal storms associated with the end of reproductive years. As consequence women become depressed by the menopause, a hysterectomy could be seen as final evidence that fertility, sexual allure and youth were over. Additionally low libido is seen as a symptom of a patient’s general mood. However, it is hard to prove that it ever had responded to sexual stimulation. In addition in case of psychological consideration it is often showed later to have a physical component. The significant observation is that regarding sexual response women who were unusually phlegmatic about the menopause and hysterectomies and had a well-established sex life were as likely as more highly strung patients to find that a hysterectomy obliterated their usual response to sex. Furthermore, low libido can be found who are likely to have been operated on by exceptionally conscientious gynaecologists.

To cure this problem it can be removed during surgery. Besides, local HRT treatment is often acceptable to women as well as Testosterone patches which is called Intrinsa. When this testosterone-oestrogen comes in balance it is all-important in determining female libido. In addition, women who had lost sexual desire after hysterectomy and a similar number of controls demonstrated that testosterone patches were well tolerated and increased libido to a notable extent in a statistically significant number.


Cannot keep erection for a long time what can i do to solve problem

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In recent surveys there was found that about 90 percent men reach orgasm under 5 minutes, 3 percent under 20 minutes, and just 2 percent last 20 minutes. So more or less it is a common problem. There are many people who are dealing with this problem. The most important thing is to worry about that after money; sex is another issue that breaks marriages and love affairs. However, the rate of these incidents is decreasing at a very low rate though. Another important point to consider is that women can have multiple orgasms in few minutes while men typically cannot even gain erection after orgasm. It is a state which is called the refectory period and in this period man cannot gain erection for the second time. Presumably, a woman cannot expect for this refractory period to happen. Thus, it is a terrible matter if you cannot keep erection for a long time. So below there are some solution are given to this problem. Hopefully this will bring some sort of change in your sexual and marital life completely forever.

The point is this change is combination of things you see every day but no one in the world has ever thought it could solve anything. Before proceeding, at first you have to take it out of your mind that how to make the stuff yourself, use it yourself and make it work for yourself, and you will never ever need to come back to anyone again, never ever in this world. If you know the technique you can reach orgasm in 30 to 40 minutes with your partner. Controlling power is the most vital thing and you have to control the power you have in your possession. Commonly using Viagra will help you to maintain erection. On the contrary, there are several other drugs that are intended for this but will reduce your sexual desire to no small extent. In addition taking you mind off sex is another effective way. However, if you are slim and have a flat belly surely you are going to attain longer erection for sexual pleasure.

What are some good ways to increase sexual stamina

You might be thinking about increasing your sexual stamina as many men are curious about that, and quite a few of them spend large amounts of money on advertised products that are supposed to help them. Usually these are sort of pill form and some kind of devices that are marketed to keep men from ejaculating. These might work to help them to have sex longer but not really will increase stamina overall. If you seriously want to increase your sexual stamina, you have to bring change in your lifestyle with your eating and make sure you’re exercising properly.

Now there are some men who want to have more stamina, but aren’t willing to do the work. They give every concentrate on taking a pill, rather than change their diet, lose weight, drink more water, and get moving. They don’t know the fact that most pills are scams while VigRX Plus is free from all scams. There are some legitimate drugs which promise to sort out problems like ED, but it is not guaranteed to men who simply want to last for a very long time. Moreover it can be dangerous and have side effects, so it’s always better to avoid them. So when you’re considering how to increase sexual stamina there are some natural ways to explore.

The important point to remember that trying something may not appear to work, or if you don’t see results right away as changing your lifestyle can take time and effort, but it’s one of the best ways to increase sexual stamina. Additionally through this way you simply make yourself healthier overall. Presumably when you get healthier, you’ll find that you have a lot more energy and have more interested in sexual activity. As consequent, losing weight and getting stronger you will like the change in your body and that should please your partner. In next just look for simple ideas to exemplify, you don’t need to do something fancy or crazy, or that you have to spend a lot of money on pills, herbs, or other supplements. Still you are doing this things you should use these with a combination of a lifestyle that is full of good food, plenty of water, and a reasonable amount of exercise. Hence you don’t have reliant on a pill or supplement to provide you with a high level of sexual stamina. Another effective way of lasting longer in bed is to use better and thicker protection.