My VigRX Plus Results

vigrxplusresults after 18 weeksHey guys – I’m David Hudson! So you are looking for some results. Guess what – You have come to the right place :) I have just started on my fourth month on the pills. So far is has been awesome, that’s why I decided to create this blog and the fact that it is easy to keep track of my progress here.

Why do I use VigRX Plus?

This is kind of an important question since they are doing loads of different things for you. I got some problems with my blood circulation a few years ago. I found it hard to get and erection and keep it on for more than 2 min. Not that I need it but it would not hurt to get an extra inch or two down there. I then started researching different options. The most natural choice would be Viagra, but the price of Viagra is ridiculously high and was not a good long term solution. I ended up choosing them after reading a ton of VigRX Plus reviews. It seems like the internet is full of penis enhancing/enlarging pills.

I decided to go ahead and buy a full year supply together with a friend of mine, since it is way cheaper pr. pill then the rest of the options. It does not make any sense to just buy a half year when you can get the next half year for only $105.

Update 3 January- 2013: I got an e-mail from a reader (Andy) with an absolutely awesome tip on how to get an extra bottle of VigRX Plus for free when you order. Take a look at the small guide in the top right corner (I wish I had known that before I ordered:) ).

I had to wait 2 full weeks before the pills arrived, mainly because I’m a cheap ass and ordered the cheapest shipping which is also the slowest :(

My starting measurements and what I can expect

My starting measurements and problems:

  • Penis Length : 5.9 inches
  • Penis Grid: 5.1 inches
  • I’m having problems with getting a hard on.
  • I’m having a problem keeping a hard on (when I finally get one).

And now to the good part; what I can expect in the next half year:

  • A longer penis.
  • A thicker penis.
  • No erection problems.
  • Able to keep an erection longer time.
  • And a lot more that I don’t need, but I’ll properly enjoy ;)

Ohh I almost forgot; when you buy a package with 4 or more months supply, you’ll get a free penis exercise program. I’ll try to follow the program as closely as possible to give you the most precise results. It’s a 120 days program with several exercises.


Alright let’s GO – My first week!

Okay I got the pills and ready to go. You are supposed to take 2 pills a day; it does not say anything about when and how, so I’ll just take one in the morning (or whenever I wake up) and one at night time. I’ll try different ways to see what is working and what’s not.

My daily routine:

Take one pill with a glass of water together with breakfast.

Penis exercises: I do a warm up where I wrap a wet hot towel (NOT TOO HOT, a bit hotter than your body temperature) around my penis for 5 min. Then I make Jelq exercises for 10 min, it makes it a lot easier to do if you use a good lubrication. (You can read a full description on how to perform the Jelq)

Take one pill with a glass of water together with dinner.

The result after the first week:

  • Penis length: +0.1 inch
  • Penis grid: +0.2 inch!!!(After just one week!)
  • Erection problem: This has been the best part of it; the problem is still there but it has gotten WAY better. And I was able to keep it up for a good while (I only used it once during the week :) ).

My thoughts after the first week: The first week was good, my erection problem has gotten a lot better already and not to forget my penis grid has increased by 0.2 inch and length by 0.1 inch after just one week. The penis exercises has been a bit of a problem; it was hard to do in the first few days but it got a lot easier once I had tried it a few times.

extra bottle of vigrx plus

First month – Progress and results

Second month – Progress and results

Third month – Progress and results

Fourth month – Progress and results



  1. Hey David
    Looks like this is the only true penis pill results on the internet. I’ll come back in a few weeks to see how things are going ;)

    • Hi Chris
      Sorry about the slow updates. I’m kinda busy with other stuff, but I’ll update the site soon with week 3 and 4 :) And yeah the Web is full of shit reviews from people who have never tried the stuff they review. I’m happy if I can help some of you guys. Atleast they have helped me ;)
      Have a nice day!

  2. Hi
    I’m considering buying a half year supply. I know you only have used it for 3 month so far, but would you recommend it? I kinda got the same problems like you…. I really hope it will help me.
    Cheers :)

    • Hi JOe67
      It has definitely been worth it so far and I still got 3 month left. I would recommend you to go ahead and buy the 1 year supply instead of only the half year. It’s way cheaper pr. bottle. You could always sell the remaining 6 bottles on eBay and maybe earn a few bugs on it (I don’t know if it’s legal, to be honest..). Don’t forget to use the advice from Andy (Get an extra bottle for free) you can find out how at the top right corner :)

  3. John the man! says:

    Hello David
    I was just wondering how you measure your penis. I find it hard to do it precisely enough to track even small gains.

    • Hey
      Good question! You might not be able to do it the same way as I do. I got a tiny dark spot on the root of my penis – I use that as my starting point. That way I’ll always use the same starting point each time I measure it. It is very important to do it precisely since the gains are so small from week to week. :)
      Best regards David

  4. Hello David
    I’ve started taking the pills on 16th January and have been faithfully on 2 per day now.
    First 14 days for me.
    1. Notice girth thicker then before
    2. Bigger Stronger erections then before
    3 Have not measured the progress yet, but will measurer and update this blog after 30 days.
    4. My Measurements when started 16th January 2013: flacid 2 3/4 inch, Erect 4 3/4 inch Girth 3 1/2 inch.
    Best Regards

    • Hey Sam
      Nice to hear about your progress. It would be awesome if you posted another “result comment” here in a month. Are you doing any penis exercises?
      Best regards David

      • Hey David,
        Thanks.. Yes I will definately post results after measuring progress after 16th February 2013.
        I am not doing any PE.. but am sure interested. Do you know of any good ones you can recommend. Would be wonderful if it was free too..
        Best regards

        • Hey Sam
          You should defiantly check out all the PE at completely free. I have read tons of stuff about pills, extenders, pumps and exercises and have come to the conclusion that Penis exercises is the backbone of any good penis enlargement. Especially if you combine it with pills.
          My exercise routine right now is:
          1. Warm up: Put a towel into semi hot water (a bit hotter than your body temp) and squeeze is a bit before you wrap it around your penis. Leave it for a few min. (remove it before it gets cold).
          2. Put some lubricant on your penis. I’m just using normal cooking oil, it’s like 1/10 of the price of a dedicated lubricant and it works like a charm.
          3. First Penis exercise: 5-10 min. of Jelqing, read all about it on
          4. Second exercise: 5-10 min. of penis stretching, read about it on
          It was a bit difficult to do the exercises in the beginning but after I few weeks I got the hang of it.

          Best regards David

  5. Hey David
    Is is possible to buy it in any store? Or is there a way to buy it cheaper online? I would love to try them out.

  6. I have a question if i wanted to try it out to see if i it works i wanted to know do you have to keep taking them or can i stop.. nd if i stop will it cause any shrinkage

    • Hey Erik
      Good question! It might cause a slight shrinkage, but nothing to worry about. If you continue with penis exercises you should be fine.
      Best Regards David

  7. Hi i have been taking the pills for 1 month now and doing my jelqing excercises as well and i am very dissapointed because my penis is still the same as it was before i started taking these pills, am i expecting to much to soon do you think ? Thanks (rob).

  8. Hey rob
    Not a single 0.1 inch? Sounds strange.. But it does take some time to work. My gains after one month was: +0.3 inch in length.
    Best Regards David

  9. Hi David I have a question~~!!
    Actually, I try to buy this things, But I worried about my age…and my future cuz Im now 22 years.
    Could I take this pills??!!! quick answer!~!~!~Im worried about my future…baby…T.T
    plz answer quickly man~~

  10. Hi david i spoke to you recently about how after 1 month nothing had changed on the vig rx i am now into my secound month,and really getting concerened wondering if these pills really work because still no change if anything my penis is becoming more soft during sex instead of lasting more rock solid, i am still doing my jelqing excercise and just can,t believe nothing is happening i am getting frustrated, any ideas? or should i be patient. THANKS(ROB).

    • Hey Rob

      I would request a refund, if it has not yet worked for you. From what I have read on the internet – it’s around 90% succes rate, the remaining 10% does not get any benefits from them. I guess you are part of those 10% :( I hope you will find something that works for you.
      Best regards David

  11. Hi David, what’s happening? Eager to see an update from you. I’ve started using mine 3days ago. Kindly update your progress. Thanks!

  12. whats up guys just wondered.. I am 22 years old and was wondering if it was safe to use even if i do not have erectile dysfunction.. please reply~

    • Hey HP Parker
      I dont see any reason why you should not be able to use them. Of cause you wont get the some of the benefits but the rest is still good.¨
      Best regards David

  13. hi. i have heart problem. is vigrx danger for me? i heard its natural

  14. This stuff actually worked for me within a few days. Got it through amazon. Very happy with it so far.

  15. Hi David
    My name is Robert 27 years old I have problem with my penis when erect 4 inch only. It’s ok in this age use ing Vigrx and have any side effects after use ing this supplement. How many months this supplement I used reply me david

  16. I think it doesn’t work for some people cos I’ve used it 3weeks now and I’ve not seen any changes. Still the same and comes quickly as usual. Still need help!!!

  17. Dilip kumar says:

    Sir i want to my increase my penis, i have seen too much positive reviews about vigrs plus,

    sir it really worked?

    How many months this supplement?

    please reply sir,

  18. Hey Dilip kumar
    Yes it works for me and around 90% of the people who use it. I’ll be using it for 6 month.
    Best regards David

  19. Hey I’ve been reading a lot of comments was just wondering before I buy it was the most increase anyone has had

  20. Hey david
    your website is very helpful! unfortunately i have a penis problem too but the size really bothers me because i feel like its really small as in not even average, i just ordered some pills and i was wondering does it really work i have been trying to find ways to make my penis bigger but did not have any luck and does this give actual noticeable results?

  21. Hi david.
    I’ll like to know what would happen if you stop taking the pills? Would ur erection problems come back?

  22. My progress is still very low, though is a month and 2weeks now since I’ve started using it. I think I will add Max Width Cream. David what do you think?

  23. Hi David,

    Hope you are doing good. I have been masturbating like hell for last 7 years. I am 25 now. I have problems in getting hard on and maintaining it. I ordered VigrxPlus and used it for a week and had sex 4 times a week. the problem is, I am getting better erection but it gets lose in few seconds. When will I get better about it when I will even be able to get ready for another round as normal people do. I mean time span?


  24. Hi, if these pills really work as everybody say, then i will really get a year supplement. But if anybody can let me know how bigger my penis will grow in one year? Right now im only 6″ inches erect…

  25. James smith says:

    Hello jay
    It depends how much work you put in , I use the exercises provided about 2-4 times a week and have seen great results , improvement in stamina in the bedroom is crazy and the as for length and girth well I have been using for 9 months and I have improved my length by 2.3 inches and girth by 1.85 inches
    I measure every 2 weeks and its a real confidence booster to see the results , it’s just amazing that this stuff does actually work and I feel should be used on the NHS ,
    Yes there area my sites and reviews at which you can look at and buy , (this is no sales pitch from me ) but I bought mine from and I got the free exercise guide which you don’t with some sites but if you so order please let us no how you get on
    THanks guys

  26. Can i take this pill 1hr before sexual activity.Does it work ????

  27. What’s up guys.. Quick question do I have to do the exercises when taking the pills?

  28. HI David, I wanted to know does it works without having sex?

  29. Hey david I just started the dose today,how many pills can one take in a day.Tnx

  30. If u use the pill everyday an do your p.e exercise every 4-5 days a week. Ul c the best results possible but u gotta keep up with the routine. Its a full year ul need to do this if u wana look n feel like a pornstae

  31. Hey there I have just come across this post. In 4 months how much has your penis grown? I am interested in the course but want to know the before and after in length size. Thanks

  32. Can you take vigrx plus at the age of 19?

  33. Is it bad if you take this daily and smoke .. cause im a smoker … I smoke weed.

  34. Do you still take one pill in the morning and one at night?

  35. mohammad afzal says:

    how can i buy vigrx plus in saudi arabia?where is location. please help me.

  36. hi dear friends,
    i’m 25 years old, with 13 centimeter penis size, i know it’s normal but my partner is not glad to me,i have to get a bigger size, i No have any problem in erection, i ONLY want to get a bigger penis size, can i be successful with this drug or any way?
    please help me clearly:Only looking for a way to get a Continual big size.
    thanks a lot.

  37. Hey David,

    I have one question just tell me, do vigrx increase the size of penis or not? I am using largo king size cream already but I don’t saw any change after 1 month hey my size is 5-2 now, do it really increase my length and in how much time and how many?


  38. Hey Dave!
    I’ve bought a one-month supply but I can’t tell whether it’s genuine or not.
    Would you please break one of your pills and take a photo of it and put it here or just mail it to me?
    I’ve read on the net that the inside has to be brown but I’m not sure what shade of brown they’re talking about. If it’s like coffee brown or just creamy brown.
    Thanks a bunch man!

  39. Hello dear friends and David
    Im 19 years of age I have a good erect but I just need to increase my penis size… But I was wondering if take vigrxplus and vitamins C in the morning at the same time…. I dont know if thats bad or not.. please reply….

    Best regard David…

  40. hey david,
    really thank you for having time.
    would you tell how to use that?(SizeGenetics)
    for how long? is that Continual for ever? is that sure way?
    what about penimore method?
    thank you.

    • Hi Mohammad
      The SizeGenetics is a penis device that you put on your penis and it will stretch the penis longer. You should use it 4-8 hours a day for a half year. The results are permanent.

      Best regard David

  41. Dear David,
    OK, i think its a best way for me,
    1) but if you sure to result please tell me how much CM or inch it can to help me to get a bigger size?
    2) would you tell me what is that different size parts in enlargement device? i saw a few parts with different size, i have to use which one of them?i think they are 0.5 cm,1 cm, 2cm size?
    thank you

    • Hi Mohammad

      1) If you use the SizeGenetics for half year than your penis should be around 1 inch (2.5cm) longer
      2) You will get all the different parts when you buy SizeGenetics, you have to start with the some once and increase the size the longer you use it.

      Best regard David

  42. mohammad allauddin says:

    sir i live in qatar,i want to use ur product for plz give me idea for purchase ur product


  43. Hey David.
    Do you now if vimax is as good as vigrxplus?

  44. whats the difference between capsule and tablet?

  45. Hello Everyone,

    Websites are full of fake Chinese Plus pills. They are advertised from $15 to less than its original price as shown on the official website. I would like to let you know some important facts about VigRx Plus based on my personal use and experience. Read it carefully.

    I have been suffering with severe problem of getting erection due to massive masturbation over 9 years. I thought to fix my penis and started searching for male enhancement pills. They was advertised on its official website and that was expensive for me. I found some pills on a website listed for $24.99. I could not believe that and talked to chat representative and he assured me that its genuine. We get it in bulk so its cheap and available at wholesale price. He also lied about the counterfeit warning. Anyway I placed the order and got a box of fake stuff without my knowledge.

    I started using it and it gave me erections but not keeping it up in the beginning. It had been two weeks and I was getting some results but I was not satisfied with that completely. I kept using it for 3 months and I ended up again with the same situation for what I started it. That was so annoying.Then I thought to give a chance to another product Hardazan Plus from its official website that has been ranked really good by websites. It is even worst pill I ever had. Useless and not even effective. Girls were really getting frustrated and me as well.

    One day I decided to spend more money and bought them from its official website. I started using it and 1st week was no effect. After the first week I am getting really good results. I get erections real fast and maintain it real good. There is extremely big difference between fake and original pills. I would let you know all the checks you can make to verify if it is original or not. Make sure to buy from its official website no matter what.

    Fake vs. Original Pills:

    1) Break a pill. Fake pill has white powder in it with few black pepper kind of grains mixed with it while original pills are brownish color inside.
    2) Fake pills have sometimes spell mistakes on the box. Specially on serving size “2tadlets or 2tablets” written.
    3) The font on the original is little smaller in size and not bold except for FDA warning and leading edge address while fake box looks like larger font.
    4) The genuine code come with 4 x15 packs = 60. But 1 of these packs inside is opposite side up packed while the fake once is all packs in same direction and often with rubber band on them in the box.
    5) Before you swallow a pills, keep it on your tongue and make it wet, you will clearly see a lot of red color on your tongue or even you touch it with your finger and it does not have a taste while genuine pill does not color your tongue that much and clearly have a taste you will feel.
    6) Bar code could be missing on fake box while original does always have it.
    7) Always check counterfeit warning on it and enter code on official website.
    7) DO NOT buy them except from its official website.


    1) The pills does not increase your penis length size at all even if you keep using it for whole life. You will feel bigger and best erections with girth. For length you might need to use penis pump or exercises.
    2) You do not have to have sex in order to get results from the pills.
    3) The results are NOT permanent. Keep using it as a daily supplement in your routine.
    4) Do not keep changing its timing every day. Lets say take one pill at 9:00 in the morning and second pill at 8:00 in evening, maintain the same timings everyday to get real results.
    5) Do not miss a pill or it might delay results. It even can be taken without meal if there is no medical condition.
    6) Drink 6 to 8 glass of water everyday for urinating and it will increase your semen size and quality.
    7) Workout specially cardio that includes walking of 30 minutes everyday with faster the results as it help to do the best blood circulation in body for your erection
    8) Try not to use any other medication for enhancement with these pills. Specially if you workout in the gym, quit pre workout supplements that mess with nitric oxide with the body. You will not get results as it also boosts the nitric oxide with it.
    9) Do not use any multivitamin with the purpose to sustain its ingredients in body. It will finish its impacts.
    10) It might take a while to get you results. Sometimes even a month so do not panic and have patience.
    11) Do not masturbate while taking these pills, it will not give you the best results and also try to skip some days for sex

    In my experience, it is the best male enhancement if bought from official website. YES! It really works. You will love it.

    If you have any questions, ask me. Good Luck to all.

  46. Hi David
    I have just started on my own penis enlargement project. I’m glad that yours worked out perfectly.

    Best regrads, Bjorn

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